It's Easy to Find

A PO box in the post office of Elizaville, New York was rented for one year. Twenty artists and one gallery were asked to send in works in either small envelopes or as post-cards. For the entire year these works will be left inside
the box and available for viewing. The box expired in June of 2009.

673 County Route 2 Elizaville, New York

Business Hours

MO 08:00-12:00PM 01:30-05:00PM
TU 08:00-12:00PM 01:30-05:00PM

WE 08:00-12:00PM 01:30-05:00PM
TH 08:00-12:00PM 01:30-05:00PM

FR 08:00-12:00PM 01:30-05:00PM

SA 08:00-12:00PM

Chris Austin, 
Uta Barth, 
Michael Bauer, 
Anne Claire Budin, 
Nina Beier/ Marie Lund, 
Fette's Gallery, 
Luke Fischbeck/ Sarah Ra Ra
, Harrell Fletcher, 
Vlatka Horvat
, Kotaro Inoue, 
Amy Lam, 
Emily Mast
, Lindsay Ljungkull, 
Michael Smoler
, Tony Papin
, John Pena, 
Lisa Rave, 
John Sisley, 
Lisa Tan


After about six months we were notified by some of the artists that their contents had been returned. We are guessing that the post office employees considered the mailings "unclaimed." Instead of officially closing the show, we are going to let it be. You can still visit it, but be forewarned, it may be empty. The artists have been told that they can resend works if they wish.

To download the PDF version of this show click here.